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Hi All, I'm Renaldo, a web designer/developer based in Birmingham Uk, and director of BTB Media. I've gained a wealth of experience that I'm itching to share so be sure to follow me, stay tuned and most importantly...interact and leave your comments!
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Morning all, it’s been a little while since I last wrote, been mega busy with a few projects and one could say neglectful of my blogging duties. 

I’m just going to share with you a quickie today that will ensure that you jump on the “google ladder” a lot quicker and liberate yourself from internet obscurity.

The scenario: you’ve just spent $5000 or £5000 or €5000 to build you new state of the art e-commerce store. The only problem is you seem to be on the equivalent of an ‘online desert island’ all by yourself with no one to share your great products with…

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This is a great infograph into how google works for you visual learners out there like me

Whether you’re looking to sell online DIY or seeking a professional, big commerce is the way forward and we are specialists in delivering it! 

It’s intuitive marketing facilities combine with e-commerce functionality makes it the easiest platform we’ve ever worked with. So head over to the blog, follow us and be sure to stay tuned for the various info I’ll be sharing!



This article is mainly focused towards those already selling online and seeking to crack the code and find the blueprint for generating more and….mega sales!

Big Thanks to Mitch Harper “Big Commerce CEO" for this strategy

So you’ve got reason to smile, you have made a few sales, shipped out a few items and know that there are people who ’actually want’ your product..GREAT! So how and where do we find them, who exactly are we finding and what do I need to say to them. Well the first and obvious question is to know exactly who we are looking for..

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Hi Guys,

Big Commerce is the way forward… and BTB media is putting this reality to the test by offering to set up stores absolutely FREE for the duration of 15 days for any person serious about e-commerce. There is no obligation to continue thereafter 

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Hi guys,

it’s important to understand the idea behind finding your online customers. Before you sell to anyone, you naturally must know who to target and where to find them (“yawn…Renaldo I’ve heard this all before”…I know I know) but enter…


This is your live tool to 

  1. Knowing who’s talking about the products you are selling or asking leading questions that you may expect your customers to ask to conclude they need your product.
  2. Allow you to follow and engage in live interaction with them - friends are similar so if you bag one customer, chances are they will tell a friend with a similar view to their’s!

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Finding the right E-commerce tool can be a $20,000 dollar lesson as many e-commerce store owners may tell you. Do you have it built from scratch or use one of these many gimmicky software solutions you stumble across online….


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Kiss - “Keep it simple, Stupid!” is the best advice and principle I’ve received to date! In your young and exciting days of business there is a zeal and enthusiasm to perfection beyond what is necessary…which often leads to an adverse effect known as “time wasting!” 

Tumblr is simple, has taken me barely an hour to set up and does exactly what I need it to do, which is: share my thoughts and advice with ‘you’. Not only that but it also comes with a little twitter flavour and is great for navigating on mobile phones, which the majority of mankind who are connected to the internet are using to search/ surf the web these days.

And finally, I’m using it because I would like to show you how simple and quick it is to share and get your thoughts out there for the world to see and stay tuned with. This is the age of knowledge and sharing…so share, it’s easy! And there’s so much I don’t know that you do and vice versa.